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Tips For Buying a New JC Jackson Home: What You Need to Know

You’ve heard there’s no place like home, but the truth is, there’s no place like YOUR home. If you’re thinking of buying a new JC Jackson home or are about to start the building process, you’ve probably done some homework. Because we want to provide you with as much information about JC Jackson Homes as possible, we thought you’d be interested in the answers to common questions that come up when people are exploring builders and their options. 

Here are the most commonly asked questions from other JC Jackson new home buyers, just like you!



What is “Build On Your Land” Construction? 

To put it simply, this is where we will ultimately build on land that you personally own virtually anywhere in Coastal Carolina. You can select a plan from our portfolio and make modifications if needed, or bring us your own idea. Get a great home built right where you want to live!


Do I need to own land before I visit JC Jackson Homes? 

No! We have skilled staff waiting to help you get started. They can provide tips on what to look for and how to get the most for your money. Once land is identified, JC Jackson will complete a preliminary evaluation on a maximum of two properties at no charge. This way you know if the land is a good fit for the home you intend to build. Please feel free to schedule a time to meet with our New Home Specialist to discuss ideas for your new home.


Can I use my own plan?

JC Jackson Homes takes on custom plans on a case by case basis. We request you send over a copy of the plan or a link to the plan you found online, so we can review it. First and foremost we need to confirm that it is within our building parameters. If you have found a plan online that you prefer, we will take a look at it and see if we can modify one of our portfolio plans to more closely match the layout you prefer. This will cut down on drafting time. We will also take on fully custom plans, if approved, and draft them in house for you.


How does “Build On Your Land” financing work? 

If owner financing, you pay the contract price from your personal funds. Before the start of building JC Jackson Homes will require you to furnish proof of your ability to pay the contract price.

If lender financing is your chosen form of financing, we have preferred lenders with which we partner. We have selected the best lenders for optimal communication, promptness, and, of course, the best value for our homeowners. Once you receive your loan, you will authorize your lender to process invoices and to disburse funds directly to JC Jackson Homes.

Community FAQs

How long does it take to build? 

The time it takes to build can vary depending if you’re looking to buy a quick move-in home versus a to-be-built home

A quick move-in home refers to a home that has been pre-designed and is currently being built. These homes take a shorter time to build as the design and style choices have been pre-selected by our Design Specialist. Quick move-in homes could be ready in one to six months depending on what stage the home is at in the building process.

For a to-be-built home, you start by choosing your homesite and floor plan. This means you have more flexibility when it comes to personalizing details with our Design Specialist. Each month we reserve a number of openings in our construction schedule for to-be-built homes. Your New Home Specialist can tell you what the next available opening is and provide an estimated move-in date!


Do you allow changes to your floor plans? 

Yes! We have invested a lot of time studying the different ways that people use the spaces in their homes and creating options to meet those needs. We offer a wide variety of pre-designed choices to change your to-be-built floor plan. You can use our interactive floor plans to see these options.


How much is the Builder’s Deposit? 

We do require a Builder’s Deposit of $4,000 due at contract signing for all to-be-built homes or quick move-in homes. If financing, this deposit will be deducted from your financed amount at closing. Talk with your New Home Specialist if you have any questions!


Do I need a construction loan? 

No! As your new home builder, we take on the responsibility of the construction loan. All you need by the time of the contract is a pre-qualification letter from a lender, or proof of funds from your bank if you choose to pay with cash.

But don’t worry, our team will assist you with any questions throughout the process and we can recommend a fantastic lender to assist you with pre-qualification at the beginning of the process and your mortgage when you’re ready to move in.  


What kind of new home warranty does JC Jackson Homes offer? 

At JC Jackson, we proudly provide you with the industry’s best Builder’s Limited 10-Year Insured Warranty. Through our partnership with Professional Warranty Service Corporation (PWSC), we back our warranty with the strength of one of America’s largest insurance organizations.

In year one, you will have any Craftsman and Material issues covered by JC Jackson Homes. Our customers love our in-house warranty service with Andy, Brandon, and Ashley. We believe this sets us apart from other builders by allowing us to truly be with you every step of the way!

In year two, PWSC will be there to cover any Major Systems or “Inside The Wall” issues such as Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, etc.

In years three through ten, PWSC will be there to cover any Structural items such as the foundation.
There is no deductible. So, in the very unlikely event that we cannot perform our obligations under the warranty, our insurer will assume responsibility…at no cost to you. PLUS, the extended warranty covered through PWSC is transferable. So if you sell your home after two years, the remaining eight years of structural warranty will transfer to the next owner.


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