About Us

JC Jackson Homes founder Jeremy C. Jackson grew up a fourth generation builder, observing, learning and then eventually following in the footsteps of his father, and late grandfather, to become a professional builder.

JC Jackson Homes, a home builder in Havelock NC, was founded in 2005 by Jeremy, to continue a family legacy of passionate home building. It was based on two principles engrained in him by both his father and grandfather:

  • That home is the foundation for family – no work is more important than knowing you are building a home for the purpose of creating connections, fostering relationships and helping people live and love life.
  • And when it comes to designing and building homes for families, in all stages of life, treat every home as if it were your own: Don’t Settle. Bring to bear the full power of our professional skills. Stay current. Be the complete resource people seek when they are looking to take care of their concerns for home

These two principles are deeply felt in the way JC Jackson Builders takes care of its customers and operates its business. They give commitment, direction and focus to the everyday workings of the company and the promises they deliver on: Brighter ideas, a Better home, and the Best living experience for your money.