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Have You Thought About Building On Your Own Land? Here’s How!

Building a home within a community or searching for a home that’s already built is certainly different from building on your own land. This exciting opportunity is a common dream for many, however, it does require a bit more research since you have the extra step of finding land to build on. Luckily, there are many acres of land for sale, especially in Coastal North Carolina where JC Jackson Homes builds. If you’re in a position where you’re ready to build on your land but are not sure how to start or how to find land for sale, keep reading.


Tips & Considerations on How to Find Land for Sale for a New Home

Several factors must be considered when finding the perfect plot of land to build your home. First, be aware of easements, which may grant others the right to use the land for specific purposes. Similarly, conservation laws may protect land for environmental or historical reasons, making it challenging to obtain planning permission. However, it may be worth it as they usually imply natural beauty. Zoning restrictions are local regulations controlling the development of specific areas, safeguarding communities and environments from disruptions or overdevelopment. Try to avoid heavy flood zones and check for land contamination as it causes the land to depreciate. Lastly, ensure that if the land is in a rural area, it passes a soil and percolation test since it will likely need a septic system installed. Traditional septic systems only work if the soil is sufficiently permeable.

While it’s important to keep things like easements and restrictions in mind, you’ll want to have an idea of what area you want to build before diving deeper. Start with established neighborhoods as there are typically many buildable lots and it may be easier due to there being utility and other systems already in place. Searching online land listings and using online maps are also great ways to find potential land. Drive around a few of your favorite areas to check for sale signs and take a closer look at the land yourself, considering size, shape, orientation, landscaping, physical features, and the overall vibe of the area. You may find a plot you like, but it doesn’t have road access which can be an added cost to include. Another great way to help you find land is to let people know! Word of mouth is still a powerful resource and getting the word out to family, friends and even your social network can open the door to your ideal lot. There may be someone looking to sell their teardown property or have land they’ve been waiting to sell. Once you have a decent list of options, you can take it a step further by contacting the county’s property assessor’s office to find more information about the lot like how it’s zoned, if it’s buildable, the market value, the type of septic system it’s approved for, and much more.

Building on your land

A build-on-your-lot home is an excellent investment that offers more benefits than building value over time. There’s also the perk of having a home designed just for you and your land. You get to choose the details that suit your wants and needs as well as live in an area and on land you love. It’s a special feeling to build on your lot and know it’s everything you’ve wanted with all of the details chosen by you. Moreover, a newly constructed home will come with fewer maintenance costs and be built up to the latest building codes, providing peace of mind.

Build on your lot homes


JC Jackson Is Ready to Build Your Dream Home!

Building on your land is quite an accomplishment and JC Jackson Homes is happy to be a part of your journey by offering homes built on your land virtually anywhere in Coastal Carolina. You’ll have plenty of choices for where to build in Carteret, Craven, Jones, and Pamlico Counties, as well as areas of Beaufort, Lenoir, Onslow, and Pitt Counties. Our locations are also a perfect fit for military families looking to be close to bases like MCAS Cherry Point, USCG Fort Macon, or USGC Emerald Isle. Narrowing down the right plot of land can be a big task, however, that’s where we can help.

Our years of experience, skills, and knowledge help us handle the intricacies of this type of home buying, and we’ve taken the time to perfect our Build On Your Land process so you feel confident. You can choose from our range of floorplans and customize them to fit your land and your lifestyle. From one- and two-story plans to homes with rear-load garages and a variety of exterior sizes, we’ll help you find something that suits your preferences.

Build on your land

During the process, you’ll be guided by our team of experts through three simple steps. A pre-construction and selections consultation, weekly progress reports after the building permit is received, and a closing and customer care appointment to give you all the information you need about your home. We’ll then follow up with a 30-day warranty check-up and a 60-day survey to make sure you’re satisfied!


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When you’ve found the perfect land and are ready to build your dream home, JC Jackson Homes is here for you. With flexible options and tons of land available to choose from, we can help you narrow down where to build and match you with a customizable floor plan. Let us know if you have any questions!


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