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An Overview of Our Pre-Construction Process

pre-construction process


If you’ve never built a home before, the process can seem overwhelming and more than a bit mystifying. There are a lot of moving parts (and team members) that have to come together to create your new JC Jackson home. So, here’s a brief look at what’s happening before we start building. 


Our Home Pre-Construction Process



We plan every single detail during the pre-construction process, so that when we are able to start building your home, there are no outlying changes that could delay construction. This also allows us to be very efficient when scheduling our subcontractors and inspections, and to maintain a time buffer reserved for unpredictable delays. Even though it may feel like it takes forever for us to start building, this level of prepping actually makes us more efficient. It also means your raw materials spend less time exposed to the elements. Taking the time up front to nail down all your selections and floorplan changes means that you get to sit back and relax during the building process.



Job setup includes assigning subcontractors and building out a product list to track every single material used to build the home from start to finish, as well as the individual product pricing and labor costs associated. At this time, we also set up a projected timeline called a Gannt Chart to track every building milestone and how it is affected by other milestones in terms of timing.



A surveyor visits your property to assess and map out the correct building lines, property setbacks, topography, environmental setbacks and restrictions, easements for utility lines, and ultimately where the home location and driveway location will need to be set to accommodate all of those specifications.



While we are ordering the survey, you will meet with our Design Specialist to finalize all of your product selections throughout your home. This allows us to note any plan changes that need to be included on the final plans prior to permitting. This also allows us to create work orders for our trusted subcontractors to order materials and schedule work.



We can’t permit your home without the final plans. So once all plan changes have been approved, and surveys and selections have been completed, our in-house Draftsman makes all final changes to the plan set. This includes all measurements for all details such as exterior elevations and roofline specifications, required foundation details, framing specifications, cabinet layout and flooring types per room, and electrical layout. Everything must be compliant to the NC State Building Code.



We handle all building permits through the appropriate municipality. This includes Plumbing, Electrical, General Contracting, Mechanical, Gas (if applicable), Insulation, etc. Each municipality has a different process, application, and required documentation. We make sure all documentation is submitted to the appropriate permitting office in a timely manner. Once the permit is approved, we can start land preparation. 



In a JC Jackson Homes community, where we already own the property, land preparation may be minimal. But if we are building on your land, we need to address land preparation requirements such as clearing trees and brush, adding dirt for the foundation pad, grading, running water and sewer lines or installing a septic system, etc. Prior to starting construction on your home, land preparation must be complete and the foundation pad must be approved by the building inspector.


Whew! There you have it… all the “behind the scenes” activity that’s going on before we start building your home. If you have questions or want more information, contact us at (252) 838-1590 or


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