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Understanding Pricing for Build On Your Lot Homes

There are so many reasons to consider a new construction home On Your Lot (OYL) in coastal North Carolina. If you own land that you love, or just prefer to live somewhere unique, building on your lot will give you more control over cost, layout, and design. As the ultimate expression of your personality and lifestyle, it’s also quite fun!


Building on your lot may seem like a more expensive undertaking than purchasing an existing home, or even building within a community, but it’s not. The cost to build a home is actually the same, no matter where it is. Land still needs to be cleared, foundations still need to be poured, and utilities still need to be installed. 


In this article, we break down exactly how much it costs to build a new home on your lot – with examples!


Base Floor Plan


It all starts with selecting a base floor plan. This plan can be modified later, but it’s important to have a basic framework to start with. For our example, let’s use the Yorkshire plan, a spacious 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath home with 2,667 square feet that can be customized to three different finish levels. The base price for the Yorkshire is $230,000. 


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Land Improvements

A home must be built on land that has been cleared, graded, and prepared for construction. If your land needs improvements, there are costs associated with both the physical process of preparing the land, and securing the proper permits and licenses. Land improvement may include:


  • Survey Work
  • Land Clearing, Grading, and Pad Preparation
  • Access Road Construction
  • Onsite Septic Installation
  • Water and Sewage Lines
  • Exterior Concrete
  • Foundation Pouring
  • Lot-Specific Utilities Installation
  • Landscaping
  • Fill Dirt
  • Equipment Rental


In our example, using the list above, the cost to prepare the land is $30,000.


Permits & Fees

In order to build a new home in any location, specific permits must be obtained from the local municipality for a fee. Examples of permits and fees include:


  • Building Permits for Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC
  • Septic Permit Fee
  • Well Permit Fee
  • General Liability Land Insurance
  • Public Water/Sewer Municipal Fees
  • Builders Risk Insurance (often included in base price)
  • Water Tap Fee


In our example, the cost of building permits in Craven County, NC is $8,000. 



Home Design & Finishes


The next consideration is the cost of finishes and custom designs (luxury choice options). 


JC Jackson Homes offers three different finish levels to accommodate a range of budgets. The level (plus any luxury choice options) you choose will determine the final cost of your home. In our Yorkshire floor plan example, upgrading to the Deluxe package ($10,000) and a common selection of luxury choice options ($30,000) is an additional $40,000.


While all of our homes offer the same open concept living, spacious and thoughtfully designed rooms, and beautiful finishes, the design phase is where you really make your dream home become reality. 


If a homeowner wants to make additional customizations to their layout, finishes, or foundation – there is an additional investment that varies by luxury choice option. Listed below are some common customizations that homeowners make, and specifically for this example, the homeowner selected a few from here which totaled to the $30,000 mentioned above.


  • Enclosed study 
  • Wrought iron stair railing 
  • Side entry garage 
  • Rear covered and screened porch
  • Owner’s shower upgrades
  • Lighting and gas line changes
  • Paint, trim, flooring and cabinet upgrades
  • Additional fireplace


In this case, your total estimated investment for a custom-designed, newly built Yorkshire floor plan on the land of your choice is $308,000. We make sure you are involved at every step of the Path to Ownership, so there are no surprises along the way!


In the end, what you get is life lived completely on your terms, in a home built for your family from the ground up, in a location that is deeply meaningful to you. In our opinion, life doesn’t get any better than that.  


For more information on building a home on your lot in coastal North Carolina, please contact us at 252-648-6864.


Disclaimer: Please note that all price examples given are estimates and can change according to floor plan, condition of land, location, and finish level.Understanding Pricing for Build On Your Lot Homes


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