Why Pamlico County is


See the history of Oriental and its surrounding area, where the museum showcases a dugout canoe, the very porthole from the steamship that gave the town its name. Enjoy monthly historical lectures, an array of precious local artifacts, and embark on an walking tour that breathes life into the past.

Step into the fascinating world of fossils at the Aurora Fossil Museum in Aurora. Unearth the secrets of ancient life as you dig through fossil pits, possibly uncovering remnants of ancient sharks, whales, boney fish, and coral. Immerse yourself in the role of a paleontologist for a day.

Enjoy the view from the quaint park in Oriental, Lou Mac Park. Feel the inviting water for several different water activities. The scenic waterfront is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic with family or spend a quiet afternoon with a book while listening the peaceful sounds around you.